Chronic Inflammation Treatment with Infusion Therapy

Chronic Inflammatory Disorders
Infusion Therapy Plus

Option Care is the leader in providing innovative infusion therapies for the successful treatment of patients with Chronic Inflammatory Disorders.  We offer patients and providers a choice of where to receive treatment – in our ambulatory infusion suites (AIS) or in the patient’s home. With over 40 years of experience, Option Care’s expert clinicians manage more than 100,000 infusions of biologic therapies annually for patients.

Option Care conducted an independent Infliximab infusion safety study. Our results confirm previously published findings that home and ambulatory infusion suites (AIS) are safe settings for Infliximab administration¹. After treating 291 unique patients, representing 1,866 infusions over the course of two years, none of the infusions were associated with a severe adverse drug event.

Reference: 1. Valdez R PM, McCabe R. Safe home-care administrations of infliximab. Gastroenterology. 2001;120(5(S1)):A-621.

Learn how Option Care is improving the lives of patients with Infusion Therapy for Chronic Inflammatory Disorders.

Demonstrated industry leader providing infusion therapies to treat Chronic Inflammatory Disorders (CID)

Time-­saving intake coordination
Option Care is contracted with national, regional and local payers including all state BCBS plans.  Our specialists help throughout the enrollment process from insurance verification to prior authorization and billing of services.  They also coordinate with patient assistance programs to minimize patient’s out of pocket expense for chronic inflammatin treatment.

Individualized care plans
Many CID infusions can be safely administered at an AIS or home. We customize chronic inflammatory treatment plans to the specific needs of each patient. Our pharmacists conduct a full case review and consult with prescribing physicians and healthcare providers as needed to ensure appropriate medication choices or suggest treatment adjustments. We adapt the established protocols to meet your requirements while helping to achieve optimal treatment outcomes.

Clinical monitoring and reporting
Specialized nurses monitor and track patients throughout the infusion treatment. Option Care notifies physicians of adverse changes in patient status and provides routine updates at intervals designated by the physician or healthcare provider.

Long-term support and education
Option Care infusion nurses counsel patients and caregivers on infusion, self-care and monitoring tools, and proper hygiene maintenance before, during and after chronic inflammation treatment. When it comes to infusion therapy our dedication to optimal outcomes allows patients to achieve their health care goals. Option Care provides 24/7 patient support with experienced clinicians.