Setting a new standard for Infusion Therapy

Option Care is the largest independent provider of Infusion Therapy in the nation.

For over 40 years, we’ve delivered cutting-edge infusion medications, nursing support and seamless transitional care for patients of all ages in their homes and at conveniently located Ambulatory Infusion Suites (AIS).

Contact an Option Care specialist to learn more about how our clinical expertise improves outcomes, controls costs and reduces hospital readmissions.

Option Care has:

  • 1,700+ multidisciplinary clinicians
  • 100+ Ambulatory Infusion Suites
  • The ability to serve 92% of the U.S. population, with services available in all 50 states1
  • 130,000+ patients treated annually
  • 70+ infusion full-service pharmacies

“Option Care makes the process simpler and tolerable, and it makes you feel normal.”

Mark W., Option Care patient

Why Choose Option Care?

Option Care’s advanced infusion therapies treat a broad spectrum of conditions. Our “total patient care approach” streamlines the payer authorization process to initiate therapy sooner and enhances bedside patient education prior to inpatient discharge, improving outcomes and reducing readmissions.


Option Care has 40+ years of skilled infusion experience and a 95% overall patient satisfaction rating.

Cost Savings

The only infusion therapy provider contracted with all major health plans in the United States2. Option Care’s services can be up to 50% less costly than hospital outpatient infusions.


Our Patient Registration specialists verify insurance eligibility and secure health plan authorization for all referred patients. This ensures rapid on-boarding to Option Care’s treatment.


Patients receive infusions in the comfort of their home or at one of our more than 100+ AIS locations nationwide with 24/7 access to patient support from experienced clinicians.

“My Option Care nurse was there for all my fears and all my questions, and if she didn’t know the answer, she found out.”

Pam B., Option Care patient

How Does Option Care Help?

Option Care’s team of nurses, Clinical Care Transition Specialists, pharmacists, technicians
and registered dietitians use their multi-disciplined expertise toward one goal – to make
every Option Care patient happier and healthier in every way we can.

Clinical Care Transition Specialists

Option Care has a highly trained team of Clinical Care Transition Specialists who work with the multidisciplinary team to transition patients onto infusion services safely and effectively. They support patients prior to hospital discharge by assessing for potential risks that may lead to adverse events, providing education on how to administer their infusion therapy and working with the healthcare team to coordinate an effective care plan.


Working with our multidisciplinary teams, Option Care pharmacists are responsible for providing a host of pharmaceutical services including clinical monitoring, outcomes assessment, pharmacokinetic dosing, patient/caregiver counseling and sterile compounding services.

Registered Nurses

Our registered nurses administer therapies, educate patients and caregivers and collaborate with providers to deliver extraordinary patient care. We support INS membership, CRNI and IgNS certifications for our skilled infusion nurses.

Registered Dietitians

Option Care registered dietitians not only develop individualized nutrition interventions and patient goals, they also provide close monitoring and early education for patients and family members to ensure positive patient outcomes.


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