Understanding your infusion therapy

Your healthcare provider may prescribe infusion therapy for you or your loved one. Infusion is a way of delivering medicine, nutrients, or fluids through a needle or catheter directly into the body. Option Care specializes in providing customized home infusion that fully supports your needs. You have a team of dedicated experts that will make sure you receive your therapy and required supplies exactly as your doctor or healthcare provider prescribes.

Option Care helps you infuse at home

For many people, Option Care is the first choice for home or alternate site infusion care. Every day, we help thousands of people receive home infusion therapy for all kinds of reasons. We have locations across the country, so you can get the treatment you need wherever you go. Option Care works with your schedule to make your treatment most convenient. Learn more about your condition and home infusion treatment with the information and links provided below.

Anti-Infectives Infusion Therapy

Your immune system normally fends off illness on its own. Sometimes your body may need some extra help from an anti-infective (AI) medicine if bacteria, a virus, or a fungus causes an infection. Anti-infective home infusion therapy is given if the infection is too serious or complex to be treated by oral medicine.

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Nutrition Support Infusion Therapy

Many medical conditions prevent people from eating or absorbing enough nutrients. When this happens, nutrition support is given to help them meet their daily nutrition needs. There are 2 main types of therapy: enteral nutrition (tube feeding) and parenteral nutrition (intravenous feeding). Your healthcare provider will determine the therapy that is appropriate for your condition.

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Chronic Inflammatory Disorders Infusion Therapy

Option Care is the leader in providing innovative infusion therapies for the successful treatment of patients with Chronic Inflammatory Disorders. We offer patients and providers a choice of where to receive treatment – in our ambulatory infusion suites (AIS) or in the patient’s home. With over 40 years of experience, Option Care’s expert clinicians manage more than 100,000 infusions of biologic therapies annually for patients.

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Heart Failure Infusion Therapy

Your heart pumps oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout your body, which helps your body’s organs work properly. If the heart becomes damaged or weak, patients may develop a condition called heart failure (HF), which means the heart is not able to pump enough blood to the body. Heart failure therapy is given to help control symptoms.

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Immunoglobulin Infusion Therapy

Immunoglobulins (IG), otherwise known as antibodies, help the body fight off illness. Some people have trouble producing enough of their own antibodies (called an immunodeficiency), while others may not have antibodies that function properly (called an autoimmune disorder). These conditions can cause a weakened immune system to be at risk of infection or disease. Immunoglobulin therapy is given to replace the body’s immune system with adequate amounts of antibodies to prevent infections.

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Bleeding Disorders Infusion Therapy

The most common bleeding disorders are hemophilia (little or no clotting factor in the blood) and von Willebrand disease (low levels or a defect of von Willebrand factor). Both disorders can cause prolonged and dangerous bleeding. Factor therapy is given to help replace the missing factors in the blood.

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Specialized Infusion Therapy

Specialized Infusion Therapy Plus is an innovative suite of services designed to manage all aspects of care for emerging therapies with individualized treatment protocols tailored to emerging therapeutics.

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